• Carbide Tip HM-Titan

  • Product Code: Forte C
  • Manufacturer: Rontgen
  • Original: Germany
  • Warranty:
  • Price: 00 vnđ

Carbide Tipped Bandsaw Blades

Carbide Tipped Bandsaw Blades

For more specialised sawing applications, particularly where high cutting rates on difficult-to-cut materials are involved, Roentgen manufactures HM-Titan, a range of precision ground multi-chip Tungsten Carbide tipped bandsaw blades.

The ability to cut efficiently at high temperatures makes Tungsten Carbide an ideal tip medium for high production rate band saw blades. The carbide tips are secured by electronic controlled welding into a spherical milled pocket formed in the special alloy backing strip and as a result of the innovative tooth geometry fast, clean and accurate cutting can be achieved.

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Giá: 1,350,000 vnđ

Carbide Tip HM-Titan

Mã SP: Forte C
Giá: 00 vnđ

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