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  • Nhà sản xuất: Diatest
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Floating holder (SH-T)

It allows the split-ball probe, which is clamped in the checking stand, a slight “floating“ in horizontal
plane. A probe easily finds the exact axis when entering into the bore. Floating range continuously adjustable from 0 to 1.5 mm
(until 3 mm without regulation). Version SH-T-F for adjustment of measuring pressure.

Checking stand (MST58)

The MST58 is easy to handle and especially suitable for small workpieces. The measuring stroke is continuously adjustable from 0 – 35 mm. With the checking nut you can easily and exactly adjust the height. The diameter of platen is 58 mm.
Extras: – For easy positioning a clampon-vee (MST-WA) can be fixed to platen
– Perforated platen (MSTMT80) for measuring through bores up to Ø 13 mm

Universal checking stand (MST102)

This checking stand is suitable for larger sizes. The measuring stroke is continuously adjustable from 0 – 130 mm. The vee attachment (standard accessory) or other centering devices can be mounted on the platen (100 x 100) in a T-slot.
Extras: – Collar for Ø 30 mm c/w dial gauge bracket for precise height adjustment
            – Platens in different widths (130 mm and 160 mm)
            – Jib arms (150 mm and 200 mm) for larger workpieces and BMD-floating holders (SH-BMD30)


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Chân đế Diatest

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